We’ve taken the opportunity to give you answers to some of the most popular answers to some questions we have heard over the years. Take a look, but please feel free to contact us to inquire about anything else.

How Long Have You Been a Professional Wedding Photographer

Long answer: I (Justin) learned film photography in college a really long time ago, and have been in love with photography ever since.  In 2002, I became a professional portrait photographer.  Shortly after that, I began assisting other experienced professional wedding photographers.  In 2004, I photographed my first wedding as a professional working under my own name. Basically, I’ve been a professional working artist for 15 years and a wedding photographer for 14 years. Beth went to school for graphic design, so she has an exceptional art background. She picked up a camera about 8 years ago and has been shooting weddings with me for the past 6 years.

Is this your real job?

Yes, we support ourselves entirely with our photography. That means we can devote ourselves to our clients and our work without having to schedule ourselves around other jobs. We also have an office at Revolution Mill with regular business hours, so you always know how to get in touch with us when you need us. .

Engagement Photos - Can I forego that and save money?

Do a Google search for “Why should we take engagement photos?” and the first thing you’ll see sites like The Knot and InStyle say: “You should do an engagement session because it gives you a chance to know your photographer.”

To quote The Knot:  “Establishing a relationship with your photographer before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding photos. Spend about an hour or two getting to know your pro, listening to them, having fun with them, and then get photographed. They’ll take note of how you interact with each other, your individual personalities and even your quirks. These details will help them capture moments on the wedding day that are unique to just the two of you.”

InStyle: “You want the peace of mind that your photographer is on the same page with you stylistically and can creatively capture the chemistry between the two of you.”

And Inside Weddings says it this way: “It is an opportunity for you to be photographed prior to your wedding, and get to know your photographer and see images of yourselves before the wedding day. The photographer you hired to capture your wedding images should be the same individual who shoots your engagement photographs. The idea is to build rapport and feel comfortable with the person taking your wedding photographs.”

Doing an engagement shoot allows us a chance to get to know our clients, their love story, their sense of style, and what makes them tick. We get to work with them to get them comfortable in front of the camera. And we get to build a trust with them by showing them beautiful photos of themselves, not just strangers in an online gallery. That is what the engagement shoot is for us: a chance to really get to know our clients and develop a rapport before their big day.

Weddings are personal for us. Some of our best friends started as clients. And we started getting to know them during their engagement shoot. Sure, we can help you plan a timeline over email and then come in and capture your event in a completely satisfactory way. We’re professionals. But we learned a long time ago that things go much smoother when we have taken the time to establish a relationship before the day of the wedding. That is why our engagement sessions are complimentary. We feel so strongly about getting to work with our clients before their weddings that we give the session away, and the prices of our packages don’t change if people decide not to use it.

How Many Photos do we get?

We take as many images as we think are required to capture the events and record the emotions during each wedding day. The number of photographs taken depends on many things: the number of guests, length of the event, hours of dancing, amount of special happenings planned, and so forth. Unfortunately, that means we can’t give you a fixed number. But we do promise to supply each and every one of our couples with enough images to tell the story of their unique day. Every wedding is one of a kind. It’s about the story for us, not about trying to hit numbers.

How long will it take to see our photos?

Three weeks! Yes, we know most photographers take four times that long. But this is all we do, so we aren’t trying to schedule editing around our “real” job. And when it is time to see your photos, we will have you into our studio for your very own premiere where you will get to relive your day on our big screen television while sweet music plays. Wine will flow along with tears, and sweets along with sweet words. We want the first time you see your photos to be as special as we can make it. It’s a big deal to us. 

Are all of our photos edited?

Yep! All of them. Every image we deliver is post produced with our unique signature style. This involves cropping, color correction, exposure adjustment, and selective black and white processing. Every photo you receive will be exactly as we intend them to be. 

Will you travel to photograph my wedding?

Yes! We love to travel. Honestly, we want to see all the places. The more unique the location, the more fun we have challenging ourselves to get beautiful, creative photos for you. Don’t let distance cause you to hesitate one bit. 

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

 The average time frame is 12 – 18 months in advance, especially for the popular months of April, May, September, and October.

What kind of equipment will you typically bring with you on the wedding day?

Equipment needs can vary drastically from one wedding to the next. But we always prepare by packing way more stuff than we expect to need. This includes multiple camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, and lots of extra cards and batteries. We make sure we are ready for whatever conditions we are likely to encounter, including equipment failure. If you really want to see Justin geek out, you can ask him for specifics about our gear. He will give you way more info than you probably wanted, but it makes him happy.

Do you have a back up plan in case you are sick?

Yes. While no wedding photographer can give a 100% guarantee against illness, we have never had cause to cancel or not attend a wedding. However, we promise you that only a very serious illness or other exceptionally serious circumstances would prevent us from attending your wedding. If we are unable to attend for any reason, we will do everything we can to find you a suitable replacement. We have a great network of photographers we have worked with over the years that we could contact in circumstances like this. If we were unable to do so, you would, of course, receive a full refund.

I don't photograph well and I am super awkward, Can you help me?

Absolutely! We understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera and are here to help. With our easy shooting style and natural posing, we make sure that you look natural and lovely in your photos. Some people take a little longer to warm up, but the “get to know you” session we include with all of our packages is just for this. It allows us a chance to get to know each other, to see what it takes to get you comfortable in front of our cameras, and establish a level of trust that goes a long way toward making photos on your wedding day stress-free, we promise! We’ll make it painless and fun, and it won’t be nearly as bad as you think!